1965 Chevelle Evening Orchid Registry

​​Thanks for visiting the site. Many of you probably know me from the Chevelle community or family as I like to refer to it. I have been a Chevelle fan since the early age of 5 when my dad brought home a brand new 1965 Chevelle in Danube Blue, (pictured below) after which he replaced in 1970 with a 1969.  I was hooked and had my first Chevelle, a 1971 Malibu in 1977. Over the years I have owned and restored 7 Chevelles. Currently I own an Evening Orchid 65 SS Convertible and a Black 1970 Convertible. You can see more pics and a few of my older cars at www.my70ss.com.

  1. Managing Director
​​In Janurary of 2019 I purchased my first 1965 Chevelle, (pictured in the home page) in Evening Orchid. I was surprised to see that this color was the least popular for that year, Ermine White being the most poplular. With only 5,075 Evening Orchid Chevelle SS's sold in 1965 it sparked my interest to get an idea of what might still be left, thus the creation of this registry. I hope if you own one, or know of one, you'll be interested in registering and share my goal. It's a great hobby, and data as this just makes it that much more fun. Feel free to reach out to me on the contact page.